Ministry of Sound

A fresh Sitecore 7 build for a globally recognised club and record label.

The record label needed to be able to sell singles and albums on physical disks, as well as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. We built components to display all their releases, and integrated with their existing track lists and metadata. Due to the complicated business requirements around licensing, all sales platforms needed to be region aware.

Blurred We built a custom image processing pipeline for Sitecore, to allow content editors to apply sophisticated Gaussian blur effects to album images. This made the music sales section of the site really come alive.

The club sells tickets via the website. We provided a shopping basket and integrated it with the Realex payment system.

The most popular pages on the site are ones where you can listen to a variety of streamed music. We built a system that could integrate with their stream provider, and allowed them to manage both live DJ sets, as well as an archive of old shows.