Neil Duncan I’m Neil Duncan. I’ve been a professional software developer for over 12 years now, and writing code long before that. I have experience managing and running software teams, and have led large software projects from initial conception right through to delivery and maintenance.

I have a passion for making my code clear, performant, and understandable. I am very evangelical about the concept of Continuous Delivery, to increase the speed and throughput of software teams. I write my code using Test Driven Development, and seek to achieve high levels of code coverage to increase the maintainability and reliability of my systems.

I have experience with a number of Agile software development methodologies, and have used Scrum and Kanban extensively. If needed I can help to train and mentor teams, to improve their understanding and implementation of these techniques.

My main field of expertise is ASP.Net website development, with a focus on the Sitecore Content Management System. I am a Sitecore Certified Software Developer. I have been trained in (and have experience implementing) the Sitecore DMS to provide personalised experiences for users.

In the last 5 years, I’ve built sites for Premier League football clubs (Manchester City and Sunderland), financial firms in the City of London (Lloyds of London), betting companies (Betfred), broadcasters (BT Sport), record labels (Ministry of Sound), travel companies (Trafalgar Tours) and many more.

Why “Ghostwheel”?

It’s a reference to a Roger Zelazny book.